So Far, the View

by Itay Mazilo

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Ignition 01:30
Lord knows you tried, lord knows you did Now she's crucified and she's holding tight to what you said Ain't it just the life you claimed you always wanted? With your make-believe friends, great achievements and your past forgotten? So how are you holding on? How are you holding on? How are you holding on? Are you holding on? You think you've broken all the rules You think you've played her like a fool But damn' that guilt, always in the way And you stumble, and you're tumbling down again
So you made up your mind to leave it all behind You claim it's what you gotta do, the only way you'll break loose But nothing feels true, Let alone me and you Radar says I am out of range Gauges indicate I'm deranged But the change in me is something I don't wanna be It's strange, but you can clearly see Today I'll be whatever you want me to be
Hometown 04:11
What to do with all these memories? Flashing by in my mind How to build my perfect world to live in, with you, And do you even want me to? When there's so much more to see When there's so much more to believe in So many ways to find it and keep it Still, I just want to stay right here Remember where we used to play? Remember when we used to dream away? Where they know my face and my name My hometown will always be the same to me Oh, if you could only see what I see Cos' I'm walking 'round my hometown Travelling to the past Slowly it'll all fade away Maybe I am walking too fast? Do you remember?
Detonator 05:20
Don't come near me again I think I might explode Cos' the way you touched my soul doesn't feel the same no more You should have known better Than to leave my wires loose Now I'm finding it hard to find a way to forgive you Though your only crime was that button that you pushed In a way nobody before you knew So why? I can't say, nothing got along when you were away and now you're back and I can't stand the sight of you, baby I just don't know what to do Don't run away from me again It's easier said than done Cos' the way you touched my soul Well, It makes me sick! And I'm getting older and much too colder than before They say, we're all gonna laugh about it someday but you'll learn what it means to leave your love to burn
This is my room where my youth used to bloom Where I tried to avoid all the noises Me and my soul, we have nowhere to go Me and my soul have to much to bare I need to control what gave me my biggest pleasure I need to believe there's another treasure hiding somewhere But I'm only sitting down, not looking around for the peace of mind that I want to find What's the use?
Stop Time 03:26
Millions of visions Emotions forsaken for perpetual motion Please, oh please, somebody please stop time From running from me Innocent heartbeats of failed romances Mentoring voices you've taken for granted Please, oh please don't let these things slip away Not until I find a better way to make them all stay and calm me down cos' it feels as if the ground is crumbling
All Souls 08:03
Is this my heaven? Is this my hell? I think it's quite close to the truth All souls are old Keep seeing it all through resurrected eyes, colorful and wise or merely a disguise Calculating deeds, wrong and rights Maybe it is not really all up to us Maybe this is my second chance But then again I might be suffering for a sin A crime I haven't committed, a prize I don't deserve to win Here's the song in your eyes Here's the truth in your lies Here's the song in your eyes So if to reach the final hour is to see the light, brighter than white, I think it's quite close to the truth All souls revealed on a dream at night All souls are in your mind Though I've thought about the possibility of me not being me, only a soul incarnation On a downtown bus in a twilight's dusk, does it simplify my observation? Heaven on Earth? Lifetime of hell? I guess were all just too young to tell
It's sad to think nothing lives forever That all just stops one sunny day I wish my spirit would pick a treetop to sit upon and watch the other trees as they grow out of reach
If I could sing only for you, I'd probably sing forever You must know, You make me believe That's what you mean to me Sure, I'd rather be free and not tied to your affection But if I could, I guess I would, I'd only sing in your direction.
Flickers 05:55
Where's all the fame and glory? Who promised you success so soon? Maybe you'll be the first one to ever perform on the moon and call for intergalactic peace... Looking back now, on what you missed Honestly, would you relive it all again? Cos' are these flickers or shines? Can never make up my mind! I got too much time ahead before these words even begin to rhyme and it's all gone too fast Nothing's really made to last The crowd might not go wild as you expose your inner-child This sudden urge for recognition will slide away like a comet's tail, Blazing through space and time, slowly undrawing the veil Are these flickers or shines? Always at the corner of my eye You're gonna mix-up left and right You will back down tonight.


released August 11, 2014


All Songs by Itay Mazilo
Produced by: Kobi Farhi, Ori Levi-Ganani & Itay Mazilo
Mixed & Mastered by: Kobi Farhi @ Mitzlol Sound and Production


Itay Mazilo – Vocals, Electric Guitars, Acoustic & Nylon Guitars, Piano
Ori Levi-Ganani – Bass, Backing Vocals
Amit Elfassy - Drums

Additional Musicians:
Omer Leshem – Harmonica (tracks 7 & 8)
Shalev Srur – Percussion (tracks 3, 7, 8, 10 & 11), Drums (8)
Itamar Gross – Piano (3, 9), Hammond (2, 3, 5 & 9), Rhodes (5, 9)
Kobi Farhi – Saxophone (track 5)
The 'Protected Space' Choir (track 7) -
Alona Nof, Noa Argov, Ronit Rose Weissberg, Tali Magory,
Gali Tsarfati, Lior Abel, Noam 'Beinish' Dikerman,
Boaz Haimovich, Kobi Farhi, Omer Leshsem and Ori Levi-Ganani.


Recording Engineers:
Roei Luster, Kobi Farhi, Omer Leshem, Ori Levi-Ganani,
Gal Green, Guy Porges

Recorded at:
Mitzlol Sound and Production Studios, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Aviv Ram Studios, Ein Hashofet, Israel
Vision Studios, Beit-Hanan, Israel
Omer Leshem's home studio, Herzliya, Israel


Album Concept: Itay Mazilo, Boaz Haimovich, Alona Nof
Album Art: Boaz Haimovich & Alona Nof
Layout Design: Boaz Haimovich
Album Front Cover: The Voyager Golden Record, 'Sounds of Earth', Courtesy of NASA (under permission)


all rights reserved



Itay Mazilo Israel

Singer\Songwriter and Guitar Player from Israel.

Here's a full documentary about Itay:

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