from by Itay Mazilo



Where's all the fame and glory?
Who promised you success so soon?
Maybe you'll be the first one to ever perform
on the moon and call for intergalactic peace...
Looking back now, on what you missed
Honestly, would you relive it all again?

Cos' are these flickers or shines?
Can never make up my mind!
I got too much time ahead before these words even
begin to rhyme and it's all gone too fast

Nothing's really made to last
The crowd might not go wild as you expose your inner-child
This sudden urge for recognition will slide away like a comet's tail,
Blazing through space and time, slowly undrawing the veil

Are these flickers or shines?
Always at the corner of my eye
You're gonna mix-up left and right
You will back down tonight.


from So Far, the View, released August 11, 2014



all rights reserved


Itay Mazilo Israel

Singer\Songwriter and Guitar Player from Israel.

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